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Rodney Rainey, President


Rod Rainey, President

Melissa Homan, Regional Director Clinical Supervisor/CADCII/CRM

Casey Sanders, CADC I        Residential Director

Amanda Homan, CADCI/CRM  

Detox Director

Our company includes a staff of experienced, educated, and dedicated professionals who strive to develop trust and confidence with our guests in a comfortable atmosphere that feels like home. Our goal is to give in-depth knowledge about issues you’re struggling with including a high level of retention through audiovisual read back classes. One-on-one and group sessions, guest speakers, and proven practice evidence based programs all culminate into a cohesive learning environment to develop the mental tools and mind set for achieving a healthy, productive lifestyle.

You truly feel at home in this natural, down to earth facility. We provide personalized treatment and a tranquil atmosphere for our guests. Our highly trained staff offers customized treatment for each individual and our goal is to help you persevere through life’s troubles.

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